why e-bike?

» Antalya is an ideal city to be discovered by electric bike. Since the city is founded on a large plain land, it is extremely easy to travel around especially the Old Town, Konyaaltı and other parks with electric bike.

» If you can ride bicycle, you can also ride the electric bike. No need for driving license or insurance.

» Electric bikes are the most practical solution for environmental and noise pollution.

» Electric bikes give you the feeling of driving on a flat ground all the time thanks to their electric motor even if you are driving up or against the wind. Driving up will only be a joy for you.

» Electric bike enables you to travel around the city safely on bicycle routes far from the problem of parking or traffic jam.

» The engine assistance of electric bike automatically cuts off at 25 km/h and enables safe driving.

» Electric bike can cover 50-60 km distance according to the conditions of the path with its fully charged battery.

» You have the opportunity to see more in a shorter time and never get tired while doing this.

» Electric engine automatically activates when you pedal and helps you. If you stop pedaling, electric engine will also stop. Basically there is no difference to conventional bikes.

» Once you ride electric bike, you will understand how enjoyable it is.

E-Scooter Antalya

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