Frequently Asked Questions

I have never driven electric bike before. Do I need to practice?

» If you can ride bicycle, you can also ride electric bicycle. You can have a test drive on a track closed to traffic before the tour.

Is it safe?

» Our guide will ensure the safest environment for you by following the special bike routes. In cases where we are going to take the traffic routes, you will have the tour guide before you and the safety staff behind you.

Is it suitable for children?

» There are child seats that can be installed behind the bike for children up to four ages (16 kg). However, electric bike is not suitable for children shorter than 1.5 meters.

How should I dress?

» No special clothing is required. However, we recommend you to take an apron in cold days. In hot days, riding the bike will cool you off. We recommend you to take an additional t-shirt with you to wear after the tour.

Can I rent helmet?

» We will provide an adjustable helmet to each participant free of charge. We recommend wearing helmet throughout the tour. We also have reflector vests.

Do I need to bring any food or beverage?

» No. We will offer a bottle of spring water and traditional Turkish bagel (simit) and tea during the break at the marina for each participant.

Is there any place to keep my belongings?

» Each bike is equipped with a luggage bag to keep your small belongings.

Is there any hidden extra cost?

» No; there is only one fee for this safe, comfortable and high-quality tour service.

Do I need pre-reservation?

» Our tours are for eight persons maximum. Since the numbers are limited, pre-reservation is required.

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